Things with ya fingaz!

Or if you don't like speaking with annoying voices in place of ya fingaz, you can take a sex break alone,

it's nice to.

This is the rythm of the niiight!!! Yeah honey, you feel all that energy merging with my boobs, sparkling in my head? It's my way of life!!! Enjoy life sugar, because nasty and boring things come so quickly! Taste all the good things!

Choose ya ring Frodo!!!

Imagine, lord of the rings with my collection! Yeah, Sauron gone mad, so, madder than he was, and Frodo want a nyp tuck surgery for having twenty fingaz on each hand! Yes, my collection bring madness to hobbit!

Conquest !

Gigantic boobies conquer ya world !!! Beware, tiny tits girls !!! D is here now, and crush you with bomastics (but sooo soft) weapons of sex !!!

in da perfect world....

... and fruits with cafein in it... Raaah, this is my perfect world!

just to say... Luv ya!
Poor little bird, fallin' and bleedin' in my garden...
Don't worry, he's healed!

You're amazed by the number of people who love my boobies... and the most wonderful thing, it's that they ignore all of my feeling... humans are so... so...

One intelligent word about this chef-d'oeuvre:

A French version of La Belle et la Bête was made in 1946, directed by Jean Cocteau, starring Jean Marais as the Beast and Josette Day as the Beauty. This version adds a subplot involving Belle's suitor Avenant, who schemes along with Belle's brother and sisters to journey to Beast's castle to kill him and capture his riches. When Avenant enters the magic pavilion which is the source of Beast's power, he is struck by an arrow fired by a guardian statue of the Roman goddess Diana, which transforms the dying Avenant into Beast and reverses the original Beast's curse.
When the end of that fucking world comin', I keep my huge stock for the chosen ones, the best of humanity, because it's like water and sex... Essential for the saving of the humankind...
Yep... I know what ya thinkin'...
Fuck ya Witeech!!!
[Luv ya] 
This is my first private collection and hobby, I'm proud of this, and I know many boys and girls want my collection. I wait for you, stealers!!!
Leppard in da hood! Nope, just fat girl with shocking panties!
The girl in the horse nostril... Ii it a book title? No?
So, I can write that!

My first quality... Huge boobies !
and I can spit very far...